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Airbox Woes!!!!!!

PostPost by: nico » Wed Dec 13, 2006 1:20 pm

Hi all Listerners!!!

I have just purchased a new airbox cover from Christopher Neil and as I have a S3 68 Elan DHC with twin webers and the backplate is rectangular in shape and the box supplied is oval in shape and will not fit the backplate- it clearly states on the web e-catalogue that this is for a S1-3 model.

Any one had the same problem with this and how they got round it -either by swopping with someone who wants a round shape box or simply returned the goods.
Any ideas /suggestions please.

Thanks in advance.

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PostPost by: rgh0 » Wed Dec 13, 2006 1:30 pm

Hi Nico

There were 3 different type of air box.

Early - oval shape single fixing bolt to back plate
Middle - rectangular shape 2 fixing bolts to back plate
Late - rectangular shape 3 fixing bolts to back plate.

Early boxes used on S1 / S2 and some S3's
Middle boxes used on late S3's and some S4,s ( I had this on my 1968 S4)
Late boxes used on late S4's and Sprints ( I have this on my 1973 Plus 2S 130/5)

The shape of the Middle and Late boxes the same just the bolt arrangements different

As with all things Lotus I can probably be corrected on the actual model ranges depending on what Lotus had left lying around during the change over periods.

Sound like your late S3 needs the middle type box

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PostPost by: M100 » Wed Dec 13, 2006 1:34 pm

I think the earlier (S1/S2?) backplates were oval, the later ones like I've got on my S4 (and probably +2 ones?) are rectangular.
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PostPost by: Dave-M » Thu Dec 14, 2006 8:45 pm

Is this the sort of thing you are looking for?
It's one I have made for my Plus2 but should fit the Baby also.
There is a difference from the Standard one as it is parallel rather than tapered towards number 4 cylinder and should help with the breathing for no4 cylinder at higher revs.
I can make one for you if you want. It will have a wipe clean inside surface so petrol and oil can't impregnate the fibreglass. There is a carbon fibre reinforcement around the mating face and steel washers bonded into the fibreglass at the fixing points to prevent cracking. Fixings to mount it to your backplate are stainless steel.
The top picture is to show the carbon and the steel washers.
What do you think?
000_2794.jpg and
Clear moulding to show carbon and steel reinforcements
000_2796.jpg and
Air box ready to fit
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