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Radiator size

PostPost by: Phil.C60 » Sun Nov 05, 2023 9:04 am

Bud5000 wrote:Removed the orange fan and checked the Ford part number. Turns out it's off a MK4 Cortina.
I trust nothing on this car.

As IIRC the water pump pulley is a Ford item that doesn't surprise me......
By the way, when we did all the calculations to delete the viscous fan and hub from Stag and replace it with an electric fan, it was surprising how big the electric one needed to be. The mechanical fan moves a lot of air, but it also consumes a lot of power. I'd imagine that despite there being no shroud, that plastic fan probably works quite well!
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PostPost by: Bud5000 » Sun Nov 05, 2023 11:22 pm

Hi Allen
Pity you're not in Auckland but perhaps next time. I'll be installing a suitable overflow bottle, hose and correct radiator cap at some stage, just want to make sure the radiator is suitably located first.
Glad you mentioned calculations for a fan as that's something I'll look at before going down that path.
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