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PostPost by: webbslinger » Fri Nov 18, 2016 7:08 pm

Back in September I asked about jetting for 34mm chokes on an engine with Bean's Stage lll cams. I want to thank Chris 'Seniorchristo' for posting QED's stage lll jetting recommendations, they are nearly spot on for this engine. The only difference I encountered was that it wanted richer idle jets, 50F9s. There may be some changes after running it on a rolling road, but the car is running very, very well right now with no hesitation from idle, good top end, clean plugs, and good a/f numbers.
So, speaking of A/F ratios, back in August giz30075 put up a post on a/f data logging. At the time I wasn't that enthusiastic about having the gauge in the car, thinking it would be a constant distraction, but I have changed my tune. I mounted the gauge in the glove box with a minimalist aluminum angle bracket, and the information has been very useful. My gauge is digital though, and I think the analog type giz has is a lot nicer to read. The numbers jump around a lot and it looks like the needle smooths the data out. I believe you can save money and time with this tool, and be confident that your engine is running safely.
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