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wipers not working

PostPost by: Gordon Howell » Tue Mar 06, 2018 8:44 am

I have a 1971 Elan S4SE which was fully restored including wiring loom replacement by Mick Miller's in the UK and when I brought the car out to Australia the wipers work intermittently. When you turn the wipers on the ammeter does not move and if you fiddle with all parts and wiring related to the wipers they still do not work, but if you wash the car or the weather gets colder the wipers start to work. When they are working and I fiddle again with all wiring and parts related to wipers they do not go off until the switch is operated. It seams to related to the climate and when it gets warm they wipers do not work. Would anybody have any ideas as to what could cause this wiper issue.
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PostPost by: miked » Wed Mar 07, 2018 10:31 am

Gordon, the description is at the egde of logical. Many intermint faults can be illogical until nailed. Work in sections.
Have you got a diagram?.
If i were you i would look at going through the system. First of all that green feed wire that feeds both the motor (to park) and the switch to power when not on park supply. It sits not far from the motor. Double lucas bullet thing. I would endevour to see if the supply was there when wipers are failed. This could save you a lot of work. If you could wedge a test lamp screw driver in that connection.
If it fails, work back up the green wire. You may end up with the dash pulled back. Also by the by check the plug is fully pushed home in the wiper motor socket, that can fool you.
If power is there is all the time at that green junction i would pull the motor out next and strip and check that it is in good nick and thre brushes are not sticking. Have you ever been through the motor? If that fails and motor is sweet then pull dash and remove and test the wedge switch, marking all wires and which is top and bottom of the switch. Theses switches can be carefully separated and cleaned to give multiple consistent good ohmic reading. Bit fiddley and the contacts have to go back right as it does switching between speeds and also a short as a back emf brake. There is detail about all this on the forum if you search.
Sometimes you have to take the bull by the horns.
P.S. not got a diagram with me but that green wire is the begining and best info you will get to save you work.
Others may disagree but this is how i would tackle. Plus first reply.
Cheers Mike

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