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Ignition Advance Part 3 (Final!)

PostPost by: vincereynard » Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:58 am

Further testing of the cheapo distributor showed it to be inconsistent. The spring posts are of different diameters and , I suspect, the spring is sliding down the smaller post then jumping back at various revs so the advance suddenly jumps about 5 degrees.

I gave up!

Then a member kindly sent me a Distributor Doctor rebuilt, genuine 41198 to try and the difference in quality is obvious.
38-feb.-13-09.29.jpg and

They are also a different length !
37-feb.-13-09.28.jpg and

Anyway I've fitted it with a spare "halls" effect module (Accuspark / powerspark / aldon etc ) and marked
where the trigger ring is at TDC. This should make setting initial advance simpler.
36-feb.-13-09.27.jpg and

As a further "keep it simple" mod I've marked the outer case with an advance / retard scale.
As it happens each mm on the diameter equals 2.5 degrees. (near enough.)
35-feb.-13-09.27.jpg and

To be honest, if I was keeping the car, I would probably fit a 123 and not faff about.
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