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Replacement Tachometer

PostPost by: bdea » Tue Feb 03, 2004 10:49 pm

I have read somewhere that you can replace the inside mechanism of a Smiths tachometer with a VDO unit- Question:

1) Can the original faceplate used in place of the VDO faceplate?
2) Does the markings match the Smith unit to be accurate? ie 1k rpm- 7K rpm

Is the VDO Vision Tachometer #333 151, 7,000 RPM, 3 1/8" dia. The correct one?

I am trying to get an accurate Tachometer because my current Smith RVI unit will not work wjth my Pertronix/ MSD unit. I know you have to convert it to a voltage sensing unit. Does anyone have a current repair shop for this conversion ie Moma/ Nisongers and what did they charge?

When I opened up my Smith unit, I thought I could just replace all capacitors and resistors and it might work as stated on other forums, who knows!

Thanks for all the wonderful knowledge in these forums, Brad
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