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Ignition switch

PostPost by: drtarkir » Tue Mar 21, 2017 2:59 am

Car is a 71 +2S and I am cleaning up the electrics while waiting on the weather to get better so I can paint.

The chrome on the ignition switch bezel is pitted and I would like to rechrome it. However, it looks like there are 2 tiny split pins holding in the bezel and key barrel. Is the correct?

Second, there is a plastic boot the holds on the electrical portion of the ignition switch. Mine is usable but a little stiff from age. Are these available from anyone or is it better to use high-ratio shrink tubing to get a secure fit?

Finally, not electric but on the steering column at about the midpoint there is a 11/16" hole. Is this used for anything or just a leftover from it's Triumph days


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