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Powerspark Ignition Reliability

PostPost by: William2 » Tue Jun 07, 2016 11:25 am

I have fitted a Powerspark ignition module to my distributor. About ?35 to buy. Has anyone had any reliability issues with this unit? Mine seems to work fine so far.
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PostPost by: ericbushby » Tue Jun 07, 2016 1:52 pm

I fitted a similar unit nearly 5 years ago just after buying the car, and haven`t really seen it since.
Mine came from `Ignition Car Parts` and is said to be made by `Ultra Spark`
I did remove the pips from the baseplate to ensure it sat flat to aid cooling.
Another good thing was that it didn`t disturb the tachometer, even though I did not give it a seperate supply.
It was just fed from the white wire to the coil as suggested by the suppliers.
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PostPost by: Galwaylotus » Tue Jun 07, 2016 8:31 pm

I had one failure and the vendor attributed it to use of copper-core HT leads. I hadn't removed the adjustment posts from the base-plate, however, so there may have been insufficient contact between ignition module and base-plate as a heat sink. I grooved the new ignition module to accommodate the posts and replaced the leads with a set from Powerspark. I've had no problem since.
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