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Headlight flash to pass.

PostPost by: Craven » Thu Jul 16, 2015 5:04 pm

Lotus parts book,
Headlight Flasher unit 036M6022
Indicator Flasher unit 036M6024
Apparently then Lotus Illustrated & numbered an imaginary part.
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PostPost by: vlc584g » Tue Mar 08, 2016 7:29 pm

Grizzly wrote:Phil, After asking my boss who is a retired Traffic police officer earlier today and him talking at me for 30 mins :roll: this is the condensed version.

He said the main reason he was aware of why it was frowned upon was it resembled a police car too much to cars in-front of you (some thing to do with the consistently timed flashes), So if used incorrectly (I.e. left on to flash, not quickly flicked on and off) at night people could only see the flashing lights and would panic which often meant they would do unexpected things like slow down as you approached to overtake (also there where a few incidents where people pulled over on country lanes and where attacked) basically boils down to the police don't like anything that could be confused with one of there cars.

Frankly my opinion knowing the lights have to be off or on side lights to operate on an Elan, well in any sunlight short of dusk (when the lights should be on anyway) you can't see the lights flash more than 12" away so the actual raising of the headlights have a higher chance of being seen in sun light than the light being on.

Thanks for this!
Well worth trawling through previous threads to find an answer.

It all started when the plus two (69) was over the pit for its MOT all was going well until the tester switched off the lights (pods still raised) and it started "flashing like a police car" - we couldn't work out what was going on - I've had elans since the early eighties and was aware that when the pods come up they flash, but I never knew that they continued to flash! I thought that there was an electrical fault so started by replacing both micro switches, no change then "why not search the forum?"

So, thanks again.

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