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Re: Alternator issue

PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2015 4:30 pm
by gjz30075
Good idea guys. I'll try it this weekend.

Re: Alternator issue

PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2015 7:46 pm
by gjz30075
Update: Well, I wired in a light circuit, separate from the car's and it fails the same way, ie, the light remains on
when running and doesn't charge.

To reiterate, if I remove the end of the loop that is connected to the 'L' spade on the alternator, it then charges, but, of course, I have no ign light.

I have 14+ volts coming out of that spade when running and 14+ volts on the other side of the light but, alas,
light remains lit. It must still be grounded in the alternator's regulator.

So, knowing Famous Frank's alternator works, and it's a Hitachi, I went searching for a suitable fit Hitachi.
Found one from a Subaru Justy, part # LR145-701B. It bolts up nicely to the bracketry, except for having to change the upper arm to a curved one. Bought a chromed generic one from the parts store, cut and filed it to fit.

Turned the key to on, light goes on, fire up the car, and the light goes OFF! AND it charging.

I'm convinced that some obscure engineer who is rebuilding the regulators for Nippodenso alternators
made a change that doesn't affect its true application but somehow affects our conversions.

Edit: The steering column was painted nicely before this alternator 'journey' began.

Re: Alternator issue

PostPosted: Tue May 26, 2015 11:42 pm
by Famous Frank
Greg, you are now the KING OF ALTERNATOR! I'm close to installing my harness. What is your favorite food and drink!