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Wiring issues (again!)

PostPost by: Geoffers71 » Thu Nov 20, 2014 7:26 pm

I've been struggling with the heater motor switch for some time today and then, after drawing out the circuit it dawned on me :? Here's the circuit
SNV32587.JPG and

My assumption all along was that the switch and resister were in the live part of the circuit ie the white wire W1 was the live and W2 was the earth, but I couldn't understand where the actual live feed connected. Then, I realised (think I have this right ) that the switch and resister were in the earth side of the circuit. :mrgreen: I am right aren't I ? Anyway this means I think the circuit will work OK, see switch positions.
Actually I don't think the switch is the right one, see here:
SNV32585.JPG and

The threaded shaft is plastic and the lever is the wrong shape. I'd like a matching one as it spoils the look of my nice new dash. I've tried looking on the 'net for one, but no luck. Even the one shown by SJSportscars is wrong.
Does anyone have the right 3-way switch that they are willing to part with for squillions of pennies :D ? Or maybe someone could irect me to a source of classic switches of the right sort. Many thanks all for your help.
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