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Vacuum head light switch / valve??

PostPost by: Elan_S3_PGP870E » Sat Mar 16, 2019 7:59 am

These valves are very simple to dismantle and service - with a very high chance of success. It struck me that there were no photos of the internals (that I could find) of these valves on the web, so I have posted some. My valve would not hold a vacuum at all, when I took it to pieces it was not surprising why. If you think about it, each time the valve is used, it draws in air and dirt particles with stick to the grease layer and over time affect the seal performance.
Firstly, to dismantle, you have to undo the 4 crimped lugs - I just used a Dremel and ground them off - I think it would very difficult to keep them intact so they can be reused. Then remove the base and dismantle as shown in the photos. Clean all the parts. I polished the slider surface as it was showing some signs of wear. I then applied a very small film of silicone grease to the slider surface and reassembled the unit. I used steed tie straps (from a CV boot) to secure and hold the unit together instead of tie wraps. I did this just in case they crept over time with heat etc. Good Luck.
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