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My +2S manufactured in March 1971 has wiper blades that park themselves on the left hand side of the windshield in front of the driver since I have a left hand drive car. I have been wanting to park my wiper blades on the passenger side of the car so that the driver's side has an unobstructed view. This goal finally rose to the top of my to do list and I want to share my knowledge on how to do this in the event that others want to do the same. I have read other posts on this subject but I have never seen a picture of what needed changing inside the wiper motor to cause the wipers to change their parking preference.

Inside the wiper motor is an arm that attaches to a large plastic gear which meshes with the motor drive screw. Remove the C clip or snap ring that holds the arm to the gear and slide the arm off the gear shaft so that the motor can be removed from the car. On the bench turn the motor around and release the C clip or snap ring that secures the plastic gear to the motor housing. Then, lift or push out the plastic gear and turn it over. On the backside is a plastic cam that fits into two holes in the gear. Pry out the cam and insert it 180 degrees from the original position. Then, simply replace the gear, lever, and cover. Finally, remove the straight wiper arm from the left wiper post and fit it to the right. Fit a wiper arm cranked to the left to the left side wiper post. If you have a right hand drive car the straight arm will go on the left and a wiper arm cranked to the right will be fitted on the right. My pictures show the front of the plastic gear before removal and a picture of the back side of the gear showing the plastic cam. I hope this takes the mystery out of this job which now seems so simple.
wiper motor internals 001.jpg and
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