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Replacement Wiper Motor

PostPosted: Thu Feb 10, 2011 1:02 pm
by tonycharente
Hello All,
I've just done a search on Wiper Motor, but have not found an answer to the following questions. I have a 1969 Elan SE FHC RHD, and I am considering replacing the Wiper Motor. According to the Robinshaw and Ross book, my 1969 is a "round bodied motor" 14W 75660A. from 1970 onwards it shows 14W 75660A/E. I think the A or E relates to the way the parking switch is attached (screw or clip) and therefore the 75660A is not exactly the same as the 75660E. ALL are shown in the book as superseded by 75664 - which I know also come with different suffices according to the way the parking switch is attached, A to E. Still according to the book ALL are as per fitted to various BL vehicles of the same years, including MG Midget and MGB, but NOT Mini or Mk4 Spitfire.

Now here come (at last!!!) my questions.

(1) Can I just buy ANY "round bodied motor" MG Midget or MGB Wiper Motor, as long as it comes with its own parking switch? Or is there a specific version I must buy?

and (2) How do the Mini or Mk4 Spitfire motors differ from the MG ones (one of the well-priced suppliers on eBay shows the SAME motor for MG Midget, MGB, Mini and Spitfire, whereas Moss have different references for them.

NB I am talking motors inc parking switches, but excluding the gears / shaft bit, so it's not about degrees of movement or parking position.

Hope someone can help!

Re: Replacement Wiper Motor

PostPosted: Thu Feb 10, 2011 2:51 pm
by 69S4
Hi Tony

Can't really give much info regarding the compatibility of other motors but I had to replace my wiper motor last year and just bought a replacement one off the shelf from Matty's. It wasn't that expensive and was just "plug and wipe". My car is much the same as yours - 69 FHC RHD so I'd guess if they've got any more of them they'd fit your car.

Re: Replacement Wiper Motor

PostPosted: Thu Feb 10, 2011 4:31 pm
A few years ago - 20? I replaced the wiper motor with my daily hack - a Morris Marina - I changed all the gears from one to the other and it all slotted back together easy peasy.

I'm afraid I cant give you a blow by blow account of how it all went back together but it's still on there and still works much better than I remember the old one working.