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Cut out switch.

PostPost by: kerryblu » Wed Dec 08, 2010 9:44 pm

Hi all'
just put the battery on last week for the frist time, and, only 2 things worked. dash board interior light, and the starter motor span but didn't conect ot the fly wheel. :cry: 5 days later all but the relays for the front lights left.Now for the subject, the panel lights didn't work so after checking the earths, battery leads to to the bulbs worked fine, checked the switch with test light, nothing, so wired the panel lights to the head light switch,now they come on with the side/main beams. Took the panel switch out, found you can take it apart, cleaned it up, checked it out with test light and presto it worked,so I've got a spare switch on the dash ,just behind it is the old cut out switch white wires, so an easy job to put the cut out switch one the dash. What do you think?.


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