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Lotus Festival-"Jim Clark Revival" Hockenheim Ring

PostPost by: GrUmPyBoDgEr » Mon Oct 24, 2005 10:17 am

Hi there,
as I mentioned earlier in a previous thread. It is planned to arrange a big Lotus Festival at next year's "Jim Clark Revival" at the Hockenheim Ring Germany.
It seems like some of you already have heard something about this event & are talking about a sort of Monte Carlo start from diferent parts of the UK.
This sounds like a great start!
The Lotus clubs will be able to provide you with further information as it becomes available.
Other than that, I hope be able to help any of you in any way possible.
The Lotus Historic Register Germany is planning to be at the Donington get together next Spring where all of the completed details will be available.
Please don't hesitate to contact me or your Lotus club for details.
I hope a whole load of you will be able to support this event.

The following is the preliminary information:-

An invitation to the Jim Clark Revival at the Hockenheim Ring 2006

Hi there,

on Saturday 3rd Sept. I attended a meeting at Hockenheim together with Siegfried Hermann of the Lotus historic register Germany , Ronny Bredhauer, who is organising the race meeting and several members of the Lotus Club Germany.

This meeting was held in order to get plans together for a big meeting of Lotus clubs and owners with their cars, to coincide with the ?Jim Clark Revival? race meeting.
Siegfried and Ronny are hoping that a large contingent from the U.K. will be able to join the Germans, Dutch, Swiss, Belgians, Austrians, Italians etc. plus possibly people from Australia and America to make this a very special Lotus festival.

The racing will take part over three days:- 28th; 29th & 30th April.
The Monday the 1st May is a bank Holiday & is very convenient for those making the trip home after the Weekend.
This sort of coincidence doesn?t happen every Year!

The fixed events for historic vehicles is already listed but may also be expanded on, and is as follows:-

Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli
(known as the Ferrari 360 & 430 Challenge)

Orwell Supersports cup
(Sports prototypes up to 8 Liters & 600 bhp)

European Formula 2 Club
(Formula 2 cars from 1967 to 1978)

Ferrari F1 Clienti
(cars that were driven by Senna; Schumacher; Barrichello etc.)

FIA Lurani Trophy
(Fumula Junior cars from 1958 to 1963)

(GT?s & Touring cars up to 1976. eg Porsche RSR; De Tomaso; Ford Capri; BMW Coupe stc.)

(GT?s to 1965 eg GT40?s Jaguar; Chevrolet; Mustang; Mini Cooper etc.

(Formula 1 cars between 1974 & 1984)

On top of this Hockenheim circuit has obtained permission to extend it?s racing programme on Friday & Saturday until 22:00.

Amongst other additional events, they are hoping, to include a round of the ?Elise Cup?.

As far as I know the racing will take place on the Grand Prix circuit.

Special arrangements for Lotus owners driving to the circuit are already under preparation. On Saturday we were shown trackside parking wher we can be together with all the other owners clubs and an alternative, also trackside, close to the Jim Clark memorial & also very close to the pits, paddock & VIP area, but would only offer sufficent room for just Lotus cars.
Viewing from both areas is excellent, however free access to all areas & Grandstands will be available to all spectators (not like Silverstone where they don?t want the cost of the clearing up after the cheapy historic events!!!).
It should also be possible, during the event, to use the perimeter road to drive from one viewing area to the other (Provided this is done with caution & common sense!)
Ronny also showed us the area above the pits. This will be reserved as the VIP area. We will have a part of this area and it will be open to all of those partaking.
Refreshments will be served all day in this area; the cost of which will be included in the entrance fee together with the trackside parking. I will let you know exactly what the price will be as soon as it has been finalised. I believe there will be a choice of either booking individual days or all three.

The catering will be provided by The Hockenheim hotel staff and Ronny has assured us that there will be no reason to complain about the quality.

At the trackside parking area toilets and shower facilities will be available. A snack bar will also be there, although the food bought there will not be included in the price.

During the course of the event there will be fashion displays in the VIP area, something to keep the girls busy!!

In combination with a local celebrity golf tournament it has been possible to ensure that a number of celebrities will be present during the race meeting. Due to this it has not only been possible to get some of the major Germean TV companies to cover the event but also a moderator will be carrying out interviews etc. a la F1 events.

A most interesting aspect of this event will be an attempt to set a ?Guinness Book Record?
The intention is to assemble the biggest rolling museum of ?Classic Cars? on the track.
All ?Classic Lotus? drivers will be able to participate.
In this case cars built up to and including 1976 will be regarded as ?Classic?

In order to achieve this record, it will however require those drivers and their cars to be available up until 18:00 on Sunday.

All lotus drivers, taking advantage of the VIP package, will have the opportunity to drive several demonstration laps of the grand prix circuit during the course of the event.

It will be possible to reserve sufficient rooms in a reasonably priced Hotel in nearby Speyer for all Lotus drivers.
This lovely old town has a number of restaurants & bars; a cathedral, art gallery and a technical museum with a good collection of cars & bikes.

As a further distraction, only a little further away, is the Sinnsheim technical museum.
They have a large collection of bikes, cars and aircraft.
Not only do they have a Concorde but displayed beside it is a ?Concordski?.

The weather in Hockenheim is generally milder than other parts of Germany and in May it is usually sunny & warm.

A word about Siegfried,
he?s a one man band who?s been a fanatical Lotus man for many years.
He is organising this event off his own back with no financial support at all.
This event will be a non profit making event for anybody connected to the Lotus Historic Register Germany or the Lotus Club Germany.

The price of the event will include:
Entrance ticket
Track side parking
Free catering (buffet)
Access to all areas
Several laps on the Grand Prix circuit
Participation in the Guinness record attempt, provided you drive a Classic Lotus

In order to assess the necessary budget and to ensure that enough Hotel rooms can be reserved, it is necessary to ensure that al club members are informed of the event well in advance.
There will have to be some sort of closing date for applications.
We anticipate that being the end of December.

I would be grateful for some feedback from you as early as possible, in order to get some idea of what the response from Lotus owners woud be.

Many thanks & kind regards

John Pelly
(on behalf of Lotus Historic Register Germany)

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PostPost by: chrishewett » Tue Oct 25, 2005 12:15 am

Hi John,
I was interested in this event as soon as I read about it in the club lotus magazine as it compliments my other activities such as classic le mans.
I phoned club lotus today and was slightly dissapointed to find that the lady I spoke to had not a clue what I was talking about. I have to say that I was not surprised. I can't see that they are going to be a reliable source of information about this event so I would be pleased if you would keep us informed. I am happy to make my own arrangements for travelling but it would be nice to meet up with other enthusiasts along the way. I would also appreciate any information regarding accomodation as my initial enquiries have only found some expensive hotels.
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PostPost by: GrUmPyBoDgEr » Tue Oct 25, 2005 5:57 am

many thanks for your interest.
It is early days yet and the only information the English speaking clubs have had so far, is that which is reproduced above. The question about Hotels has been addressed and I will soon be able to let people know what is available, at what price.
We are attempting to sort out different types to suit every body's pockets and also trying to arrange special rates.
Suitable accomodation will not be a problem.
I would advise those who want to be accomodated in groups in one Hotel to let us know as soon as possible; this can be easily arranged with sufficient notice.
I will keep this forum posted about any developments.
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Editor: On Sunday morning, February 8th 2015, Derek "John" Pelly AKA GrumpyBodger passed away genuinely peacefully at Weston Hospicecare, Weston Super Mare. He will be missed.
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PostPost by: Hamish Coutts » Tue Oct 25, 2005 12:41 pm


I have had similar experience to Chris. I would think that there are a few of us interested in this event.

Please keep us informed.


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PostPost by: GrUmPyBoDgEr » Wed Nov 16, 2005 11:47 am

Hi there,
to those of you that may be interested in attending, here are some more details. These details have been sent to all of the Lotus Clubs today and I hope that theywill get this information to the members some way or another.

Lotus festival at the ?Jim Clark Revival? at Hockenheim 2006

Most of the organisation for this event has now been finalised and it is now possible to let you know the cost of entry and to let you know that several Hotels have been pre-booked to ensure that sufficient accomodation close to the race track will be available to those of you needing such.
It has also been confirmed that those of you attending with a car built before 1976 will be able to participate in a ?Rolling Museum? Guinness book of records attempt on the Grand Prix circuit.

Siegfried Herrmann of the Historic register Germany has managed to put together several packages at very reasonable prices and has personally arranged special prices with the Hotels listed below.

The basic ticket which will cost ?65 per person includes entry to the circuit for all three days, special ?Lotus? trackside parking, a ?Jim Clark? sticker and baseball hat, also the official event list. Entry to the Speyer automobile museum on the 24th is also included.

VIP tickets are also available at ?85 per day or ?160 for all three days per person. This will entitle you to a continuous buffet including soft drinks wine and beer, also entry into the VIP area above the pits.

Listed below are the Hotels that have been pre-booked for the ?Jim Clark Revival? event together with the booking details
Bookings will not be undertaken by Lotus Historic Register Germany. Those needing such accomodation are requested to use the booking information to reserve accomodation for themselves

When making reservations with any of these Hotels please mention ?Lotus Club Europa? in order to qualify for the reduced room prices

InterCityHotel Speyer.
This Hotel is highly recomended and it is expected that the majority of Lotus owners will be using it
Double room per night ?79 including breakfast
Single room will cost less but the price is presently not known.
Reservation only via Fax N? 0049-6129-1599 (handwritten please very legible) or by e-mail:- [email protected]

Nestor Hotel Mannheim-Ladenburg
Double room per night including breakfast ? 89
Single ??????????????.? 79
Reservation: Tel. 0049-6203-939-0 Fax. 0049-6203-939-113 e-mail:- [email protected]

Hotel am Technik-Museum Speyer
Here there are both single and double rooms. The price quoted at ? 75 per night including breakfast I assume to be for a single room.
Reservation: Tel. 0049-6232-67100 Fax. 0049-6232-671020
e-mail: [email protected]

Achat Hotel Mannheim / Hockenheim
Here again the prices are for single and double rooms. The prices will be reduced if more than 20 people reserve rooms with them by ? 4 per night per room. Here also you will be charged if you cancel your reservation. In all the other hotels payment must be made before leaving the Hotel. In this hotel you must make your payment at latest 14 days before your stay.
Prices are:-
? 52 Single room including breakfast
? 64 Double room including breakfast
No charges for cancellation 4 weeks before booked date
40% ? ? ? 3 ? ? ? ?
60% ? ? ? 2 ? ? ? ?
80% ? ? ? 1 ? ? ? ?
Reservation Tel. 0049-6205-2970 Fax. 0049-6205-297999
e-mail: [email protected]

As previously mentioned Hotel reservations are the responsibility of the person needing accomodation.
If a group of you are travelling together it would be advisable to organise a block booking.

Entry and VIP tickets for the event may be ordered with remitance through:-

Lotus Historic Register Germany
Siegfried Herrmann
Hauptstr. 46
44651 Herne

Cheques in ? should be made payable to Siegfried Herrmann

Or preferably directly transferred to the above name under the international bank

Code:- DE684301 0111 2438 3600 00 BIC ESSEDE5F430

Siegfried has requested that club members contact the club secretary / chairman and that these collect all remitances and send a check for the total sum in ? to him.

Will you please let us know if you are prepared to undertake this small part of the organisation for him?

King Regards on behalf of Lotus Historic Register Germany

John Pelly 16. Nov. 2005
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Editor: On Sunday morning, February 8th 2015, Derek "John" Pelly AKA GrumpyBodger passed away genuinely peacefully at Weston Hospicecare, Weston Super Mare. He will be missed.
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PostPost by: GrUmPyBoDgEr » Mon Nov 28, 2005 1:04 pm

My last post seemed to have fallen into history. So here's a refresher, especially for Chris & Hamish just in case you missed it.
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Editor: On Sunday morning, February 8th 2015, Derek "John" Pelly AKA GrumpyBodger passed away genuinely peacefully at Weston Hospicecare, Weston Super Mare. He will be missed.
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