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PostPosted: Fri May 10, 2019 12:41 pm
by Woody M
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Can't wait to actually steer with it!
I know it's a trifling matter, but I am restoring an early-ish (December 1964 build) -Elan S2. (26-4128 and body #3665) - I wonder if anyone knows what colors are original and correct for the various front pulleys and the original, two-bladed fan? I think I've replicated the original gray-green color of the engine block, oil sump, etc. Thanks for your knowledge/ opinions.
On the subject of Rotoflex couplings, etc. - I am trying to keep originality to the greatest extent that is practical, but I also want to drive this Lotus without excessive worry about....say, knocking a hole in the boot and having the whole car go up in flames. I bought the C.V. kits from TTR and the stuff looks terrific! The sliding, splined driveshafts appear to be identical to those on my chum's A.C. Bristol.
Woody Menear

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PostPosted: Sat May 11, 2019 2:38 am
by Bill

I have had 26/0538 an Elan 1600 (S1) since new and purchased direct from the factory in December 1963.

I was as annal :D as you in maintaining engine bay originality - here is the answer to your question.

- the crank and water pump pulleys as well as the 2 blade fan are gloss black
- my dyno pulley is pale puke canned pea green
- the tips of the fan blades are gloss white for 1 3/8 inches down the blades and are bolted to the pump pulley with unpainted 1/4 in cap screws.

Factory original - have fun with it.

Bill :D

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PostPosted: Sat May 11, 2019 8:57 am
by Certified Lotus
Hi Woody, Bill?s information is invaluable as he has provided the right insights on originality. Regarding TTR?s sliding splines, I have them on my 64 S1 and never regretted installing them. I did this primarily because of the increased HP on my rebuilt TC engine as I didn?t want to stress the rotoflex donuts. You should be aware that you will also need their special rear shocks that are ant-droop. Now my 65 S2 still has the rotoflex as I wanted to keep this car original.

Nice steering wheel and steering column !

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PostPosted: Sat May 11, 2019 1:16 pm
by Woody M
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One Neglected Elan
Thank you to Bill and "Certified Lotus" - for your succinct and informative responses! My car was in sorry shape, but very original and relatively low mileage, (29,000). I am trying to keep the nostalgic look and yet end up with a car that Mrs. Menear and I will not hesitate to drive to The Watkins Glen Vintage Grand Prix - (3.5 hours north). I wrestled with building a fixture and then repairing the original chassis, but in the end I opted for a TRR 26R -style chassis. The "juice" wasn't worth the "squeeze" on building a rigid jig to repair the rust on a single chassis. This of course has necessitated the 26R rear springs and dampers. The front springs, Koni Shocks, etc. are new, too. I took the engine down to the last bit and found the bores standard, the same with all the bearings. Minimal rust...the cam lobes are slightly iffy, but are easy to change out, should that prove necessary. I am having a ball redoing this little car and hope that it will be as fun as I remember....from 42-years ago, when I briefly owned a 1967 Elan. The stuff from Tony Thompson is very nicely made and if it fits as well as it is made, should be a pleasure to fit up and enjoy.
On the subject of the body: I had it media blasted with acrylic beads (very delicately, by an experienced sports car freak, Bob Moon -owner of Media Clean Specialities) - This process revealed an undamaged (at least from accidents) - body. HOWEVER - the quality of the fiberglass is quite poor, even for the 1960's. I'd call it, "wormy". I wonder if anyone has a recommendation for a spray filler, or other technique for filling the porous surfaces as a preliminary to actual body work? Thanks! Woody Menear

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PostPosted: Sat May 11, 2019 1:38 pm
by Woody M
The offending chassis.... I've neglected the Lotus for about 7-months as I finished the rebuild/update of an airplane which I built in the 1990's and which was subsequently damaged, after I sold it. It needed much repair and then it was decided to update....EVERYTHING! LOL! New avionics, new hydraulics, electrical system, military version of the canopy, new (faster) - propeller, new carbon engine cowling....whew! The results have been gratifying: 250 knts TAS @ 9,000'. But, this is of little interest to car guys! Sorry! The point is that now it's flying and working well and I'll be relying on the Lotus Guys/Girls to keep me on a reasonable path to a decent Elan.

Next raging debate: what EXACTLY - is "Medici Blue"? ( I have chips from behind the bumpers that are not sun faded) - Thanks for any insights, as usual.

Woody Menear

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PostPosted: Sat May 11, 2019 1:44 pm
by Certified Lotus
Woody, you are doing a similar restoration to what I did. Keep the original look of the early Elan but make a few ?enhancements? for a more reliable sports car. I also have a TTR 26R chassis and adjustable coil over suspension. (Plus a number of other TTR ?goodies?) on my S1.

Last year I drove to Cleveland Ohio for LOG in my S1 and never worried about anything going wrong. But it should be realized that I was essentially driving a new car :D

I don?t have a recommendation for your fiberglass body. It?s the one thing I stay away from, body work. I?m sure a few people on this forum will have appropriate suggestions.

You made your own steering wheel? Now that?s impressive work.

Nice plane by the way. I now understand you have the ability to restore a very simple Elan without issue.......