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Four Bolt - Three Bolt - Elan CV Drive Shafts.

PostPost by: ceejay » Sun Sep 09, 2018 10:41 pm

A solution for elan owners who discover that their elan is fitted with an inboard four bolt 26R style diff output shaft, and a three bolt standard elan outer wheel axle shaft.

Croucher engineering - elantrikbits has come up with a unique CVDS design that does away with the old fashioned UJ's normally associated with this type of drive line.

You might like to read the article... and there is nothing to sell at the link below... but you can place your expression of interest if you so desire.

This design has already been through its competition baptism of fire on several race tracks in the UK with great success.
Read more here and see what you think.

1-4bolt-diff-out-put.jpg and
4bolt-26r-plates-cvds.jpg and
3bolt-outer-adapter-plates.jpg and
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