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Prop Shaft Bolt Spec

PostPost by: toomspj » Mon Mar 27, 2017 9:54 pm

I just use 5\16" cap screws ( they have a small shank on them but it doesn't reach both flanges). I do them up pretty tight - can't measure the torque easily. I use fresh nyloc nuts every time they come apart, as much as anything because you have to tighten them with an open ended spanner/wrench and I want the hex to be in perfect shape.

I've never had bolts come loose, ovalised holes or cracked threads/flanges. I race pretty hard with 180 ish horsepower with and without limited slip diffs.

I'm with Rohan - I think there is a great deal of clamping induced friction.

Now, keeping wheels tightly attached and stopping standard (FIA) type clutch pates intact is a much harder problem!

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