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Diff mountings

PostPost by: Hawksfield » Sun Feb 26, 2017 8:22 pm

Hi all

I have meant to mention this for some time better late than never

Some time back I changed a diff mounting due to a cracked flange and replaced with a spare I had.
Later I had cause to be checking rear suspension and noticed that the diff mounting bolts had a difference in the amount of thread above the locknut, after more work I took out the bolts and mountings and found the steel inserts were different sizes. I checked another spare mounting I had and found that had also different size steel insert. I had to order two new from PM and found that their supply was 41mm insert length.
The inserts were 41,33,30mm each :?:
I had been running with diff height difference of 8mm and if I had used the other spare it would have been 11mm
The only difference when two new mounts were fitted is that I do not now have a stiff point on the CV shaft at full droop on the near side.
It pays to check things
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