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PostPost by: david.g.chapman » Tue Apr 03, 2012 6:35 pm

I have had a set of SM CV drive shafts on my +2 for some years now (or 30000 miles). All is well, apart from the boots on the outside joints near the brake discs.

The boots have always been stiff, and they tend to rub and move about on the shafts as the suspension moves, leaving a bright area on the shaft where the paint has been rubbed off. Tightening up the boot band on the shaft does not seem to help in my case. The boot was wearing though the band on one shaft and was starting to split.

I have decided to let the boot slide deliberately on the shaft by making up a split aluminium collar which is a close sliding fit on the shaft, and arranged so that the split closes up at the same time. The aluminium is about 20 thou thick (from an old vacuum cleaner tube :wink: ).

The boot is now repaired and bonded to the collar, taking strain out of the boot. The collar slides up and down the shaft. Note that there is no moly grease present in this area - I added a small amount of grease to help with the sliding.

The boots not longer seal completely, of course, so I will have to think before going through a ford in future. I don't think rain or spray will be a problem.

I am thinking about a wiper seal between the collar and the shaft - possibly a band of stiff rubber with another ring of rubber glued to the inside. The end of the band without the ring is cable-tied to the collar, and other end with the ring puts slight pressure on the shaft to give some sort of a seal.

The alternative is to replace the boots with a flexible alternative that stays stable at road speed revs. That will mean taking the shafts out and splitting them.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any other ideas for the wiper seal?

Dave Chapman.
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