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Bellhousing depth(s)

PostPost by: worzel » Tue Jan 03, 2012 10:09 am


I think 2012 might be a "brain picking year". Any owner out there have handy access to a MT75 gearbox? It would be very handy to know exactly how deep the bellhousing is- the only problem is knowing just where to measure from since the bellhousing is integral withthe rest of the casing. Alternatively, could I trouble somebody to measure the overall length of the box ie from the end of the bellhousing to the end of the output flange (I don't think it matters which type of output flange is fitted- 3 eared or round) since as far as I know these differing mounting flanges for the prop both end at the same point. Why do I need the info- it will enable me to wprk out exactly where the gearlever ends up- I think that std MT75 will be slightly longer overall than a "bellhousingless" MCT75 bolted to a Rocket bellhousing- this would alter the gearlever position by about a half inch or so I reckon.

On a related (vaguely) point- any gurus out there who know something about the various input shafts used on MT75's? I originally thought there were only two ratios fitted by Ford- 3.61 and 3.89. Now it turns out there are in fact 3- a transit one of 4.17. Now as far as I know (I'm probably incorrect on this point) the 3.61 and 3.89 are identical dimensionally and are smaller in overall length to the 4.17 BUT- I know find out that all 3 types were fitted to Transits at some point so does this mean that the 3 types of transit shaft are identical or did Ford just fit boxes to Transits taken from the passenger car range and alter the rest of the drivetrain to suit the shorter input shafts- help- it's getting confusing!

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PostPost by: AussieJohn » Tue Jan 03, 2012 10:22 am

John, if you still have Richard Hawkin's phone number he has an mt75 in the garage and maybe can help with your other queries.
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