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+2 Outer Driveshaft

PostPost by: Hamish Coutts » Mon Aug 08, 2005 11:49 am

While my car was being MOT'd last Friday (It passed - yippee :D ) the mechanic discovered some play in the rear hub. He said it was not enough to fail the car but that I should check for the cause.
I did and found that the outer driveshaft diameter it too small, so that it is a 'rattle fit' where it goes through the outer hub brearing. :(
I have a friendly engineering company nearby who will metal spray and grind the driveshaft but I thought I would check first to see if anybody has a good (i.e one that is not a rattle fit) spare driveshaft they are willing to sell?
I have hardy spicer driveshafts so I don't need the shaft to have a failsafe pin.
I'm in the UK.
You can get me on e-mail at [email protected]


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