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Clutch problems chapter 2 - missing spigot bearing.

PostPost by: robb4100 » Sun Jan 20, 2008 11:15 pm

Hi Guys,

Finally gave up on all of the "easier" solutions to free up the clutch and pulled the engine and clutch. (left the gearbox in place).

Upon removal of the pressure plate assembly I found the clutch plate indeed stuck to the flywheel and was able to free it up with very little effort.

This brings me to the problem. There was no spigot bearing.

I will order one on monday but would like to know what symptoms I may have seen in not having the bearing.

1)could this have made the clutchplate stick?
2) could this have been the reason that the slave cylinder push rod needed to be adjusted almost all the way to the end?
3) could this have damaged something else?
4) is it possible that I do not need it? There is no bearing in the flywheel so it is not like it was stuck there.

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PostPost by: gjz30075 » Mon Jan 21, 2008 12:44 pm

1) Possibly. With the input shaft only being supported at the gearbox end, in this case, every engagement/disengagement of the clutch will not be perfectly concentric with the crankshaft and the disc ends up being engaged in a slightly different location.

2) What's the disc wear look like? Down to the rivets? If you had to adjust the pushrod that much, my guess is without the spigot bearing, the disc is coming away from the flywheel and pressure plate at a slight angle (see above) and still remaining engaged somewhere along its surface.

3) Over time, it will damage the input shaft bearing due to angular stress and eventually continuing damage to the internals if left unchecked.

4) You need one. See above reasons.

Good find on the problem.

Greg Z
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