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Twin-cam engine and gearbox going spare (maybe)

PostPost by: Chirs » Mon Aug 14, 2006 11:49 am

I currently have a Westfield SEi fitted with a 1600cc Lotus twin-cam engine and four-speed gearbox. I have had the car for a number of years but relatively little usage due in part to new job/new children etc! The engine is fitted with SE Cams and from records would appear to have done about 4,500 since it was purchased as a rebuilt engine when the car was originally put together in the early 1990s. Engine runs very well, but I am considering converting the car to a Ford Zetec power. Consequently, I may have a twin-cam engine and gearbox for sale. I would be interested if someone could give me an indication as to the likely ?range of value? that I might expect to achieve from the sale for the engine and gearbox. I guess a sensible place to advertise it would be through this site, but if there were other suggestions as to where I might sensibly advertise it I would be grateful to hear of these. My intention would of course be to to leave the engine in situ so that any potential buyers would be able to see it running.


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PostPost by: 1964 S1 » Mon Aug 14, 2006 8:00 pm

My experiences over the past couple of years using eBay in the USA have brought these results...
sold one complete "rebuilt" weber engine for around $3000
bought one complete used weber engine for $2800
sold one weber head with valves and carbs for $1836
sold one stromberg head without carbs for $280
bought one good used four speed trans for $175
These were all stock Lotus items, including the cams.

The trans may be worth more disassembled and gears sold seperately, it depends on which one you've got. The shift lever may be worth over $100.
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PostPost by: elansprint71 » Wed Aug 16, 2006 6:57 pm

They have recently been making very big money on eBay in the UK.

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