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26R Wheel Arch kit

PostPost by: Bushwacker » Fri Apr 16, 2021 7:07 pm

I know several people have posted before about 26R wheel arch and bumper kits and how much fun it is trying to fit them to their cars. My question is regarding whether the kits coming from TTR and Kelvedon are in fact the same bits, made by the same supplier? Anybody care to comment. I am looking to take the plunge later this year and just wanted to make an educated decision. I have purchased parts from both suppliers without any issues from either. They will need to be shipped over to the USA so that may also make some difference. If there is an alternative supplier that is competitive, cost wise, I'd love to hear about them also.

Thanks for your input, as always.

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PostPost by: Vic » Fri Apr 16, 2021 9:06 pm

Eric, There is a shop in California, Curtis Unlimited that also makes 26R panels. I've done installs of 26R panels made by Curtis Unlimited, Tony Thompson and a set made by Todd Gerstenberger. They all required some tweaks to fit correctly. I now make my own. I made my 26R front fender molds to attach directly to an Elan body, then do my lay-up on the car directly. They align to the headlight opening, bumper and door edge, so alignment isn't an issue. My rear panels are made in traditional molds and require normal tweaking to fit to the Elan body. Bumpers, I just modify standard Elan pieces to fit. There is a lot you can accomplish with inner fenders for tire clearance, so don't stop at outer panels, do the 26R inner rear (or deeper mini-tubs).

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