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Latest roadblock, Plus 2 dash pad does not fit

PostPosted: Fri May 29, 2020 8:01 pm
by TomMull
My forum search turned up a 2017 discussion which was informative but not encouraging. The cover I just received is not a pad but just the cover. It is heat formed plastic. It is also more than an inch wider than the old one. That 2017 thread suggests that the new one has to be cut. Has anyone found a successful way to do that? Or has anyone found a source for a better pad/cover?
Return to seller is not an option as the shipping was about the same as the price of the pad.

It may be possible to re-cover the original pad but the substrate is in pretty poor shape and the fit of it is nowhere near perfect, having spent a good portion of it's 50 years under a leaky windscreen.

I suppose I could cut, fill and coax the old one back into shape with some filler and epoxy then cover the whole thing with vinyl. (Not what I had in mind when I ordered the new one).
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