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Thick Underfelt

PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2019 3:20 pm
by alanr
I am trying to source, in the UK, some thick underfelt, as per original, which is 20mm (3/4inch approx) thick.
Woolies Trim ...Their underfelt is supposedly 1/2inch thick but in reality is closer to 1/4-3/8''.
Martrim is the same,perhaps thinner at 1/4''.
Anyone any idea where I can get some thick underfelt from?....I don't want to buy a complete boot underfelt kit or a main body underfelt kit I just want a couple of metres/yards. Yes I know I could double the thin stuff that everyone is offering up but I would prefer not to do that and would like to match what I have at the moment.


Re: Thick Underfelt

PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2019 5:41 pm
by JonB
When I was at Spyder last year I saw a pile of stuff that looked right. Maybe ask them?

After you ask Sue Miller of course. She has sent me items wrapped in offcuts of horsehair padding that also looked spot on. And she is the biz as anyone will tell you.

Re: Thick Underfelt

PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2019 6:23 pm
by MarkDa
Coverdale have good stuff - I used their latex backed felt which is getting on for 1/2" thick.
It's as thick as the original I took out.
It would certainly double up easily enough with spray glue.
I see 16mm thick on eBay.

Re: Thick Underfelt

PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2019 6:31 pm
by alanr
Thanks for the input folks, all food for thought ..
Coverdale have supplied me with a sample but it would need to be doubled up to get the thickness that I currently have. I may have to go down the double up route though if all else fails.
I should have mentioned it to Sue Miller when I bought some other stuff earlier in the week but i thought she only sold complete underfelt kits which is not what I want.
Hadn't thought of Spyder...worth a call though!

Re: Thick Underfelt

PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2019 8:26 pm
by RichardHawkins

I was asking Sue about felt earlier this week. She no longer sells kits, but she could be able to tell you where she bought felt.

Hope this helps,

Richard Hawkins

Re: Thick Underfelt

PostPosted: Thu Sep 19, 2019 8:13 pm
by Gopherit
Closed cell neoprene sheet. Doesn't absorb water, I've used it and I remember a conversation with Brian Buckland where he also recommended it. Goodbye soggy felt!
Need to shop around for a good price bit is soooo much better.


Re: Thick Underfelt

PostPosted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 12:28 pm
by mikealdren
Hi Paul,
I think we are talking about the underfelt that goes inside the car rather than that which goes between the chassis and the body.


Re: Thick Underfelt

PostPosted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 1:46 pm
by USA64
I think the original underlay was jute not felt. I'm thinking the jute is more water resistant and maybe less absorbent.
If the mat is waterproof it will trap water and not dry. I'm going to use close-cell foam on the vertical but I'm still looking for a suitable floor material. Perhaps a cut-down doormat would do.