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Body to chassis fit

PostPost by: gusvlachos » Fri Jun 14, 2019 6:50 am

Richard you start in a wrong base if you think that GRP body change shape !!
From my experience the problem always is the chassis.
It is very weak/thin & flexible and after removal the top of the rear towers verticality changes by 3-6 mm, pushing body forward and making rear curved tubes touching the boot GRP wall.
It seems to be very common when we separate the body/chassis.
As long as holes alignment differences are all in one direction and equal, then
main role play how the chassis stands when you lower the body prior to fit.
If the chassis stay in four wheels ( most common way), then many times this phenomeno occurs.
If you have workshop facilities there are some tricks to lower the body to an opposite stretched chassis, overcoming this problem.
The way that I did in my case, was to stuck two wood wedges (with care! ), between boot wall and where the curved tubes touch, and then lower the body to a mild stretched chassis ( trick ) and all holes aligned pretty much.
Start tightening bolts from the rear towers (top rear safety belts) first, and then the others.
PM for details. Don't afraid for color damage or stretched chassis !!! :D
Gus Vlachos
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