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PostPost by: Quart Meg Miles » Sat Dec 29, 2018 9:57 pm

Bigbaldybloke wrote:My understanding of bump steer is that with the unequal length top and bottom wishbones of the Elan it is not possible to get zero bump steer through the full range of suspension travel. This is because with the shorter top wishbone the camber changes as the wheel goes up and down, which means that the top of the upright gets nearer the centre of the car at full suspension travel.....

Over large suspension movement the alignment will be out, but for normal bumps (not UK potholes) the adjustments are to get the rack's jointed links to line up with the intersection point of the wishbone links i.e. theoretical lines extended inboard. For small bumps these three links will stay intersected and the steering will stay straight. That's how it is designed to work, anyway. If the rack is too high or low then the three lines will not intersect and the steering will move with bump so shim that rack pad to 158 mm!.

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