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What is this missing piece of interior trim next to dash?

PostPost by: dgym » Sat Sep 08, 2018 1:45 am

I sourced vents from a Rover P5B but I'm not sure the edging is the same. (my car is 36/6612 and came with one broken vent and pipes hanging behind the dash)
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PostPost by: elanner » Thu Sep 13, 2018 12:33 pm

I sourced a couple of these vents on eBay some years ago. I don't know what they came from originally. I was surprised that they arrived with clips to hold them in the trim piece. I'm not sure if Lotus ever bothered to fit the clips, for some reason I think not.

I must get around to fitting the vents to my Elan sometime. The previous owner, who restored the car, fitted new pillar trims without them. And they were not in the box of parts that came with the car.

Has anybody ever drilled the 1 1/4" holes while the pillar trims are in situ? It seems like a fraught exercise, and there would be no chance of fitting the clips....

elan_airvents.jpg and
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PostPost by: oldelanman » Sun Oct 14, 2018 1:29 pm

MrBonus wrote:I'm 7472 so does anyone know where to get the piece with the vents?

If you are still looking for the vents themselves a pair have just popped up on ebay. No connection to me.

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lotus-Elan-S ... uPZbv5od:r
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