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Have I got the correct heater box for my S3?

PostPost by: fatboyoz » Mon Aug 12, 2019 11:10 pm

Hi Ivan,
You are correct. The heater is supported at the dash end by the bracket. The other end sits on the ledge moulded into the transmission tunnel. There is a gasket/seal between the heater and the plenum, and to stop it from rattling/ moving, it sits on some sort of soft packing between the transmission tunnel and heater.
If I recall, when I pulled mine apart, it was sitting on some felt insulation. Some sort of hard foam packing, as you show, would also suffice.

quote="ivan.wood"]I realise this post is a little dated but is the closest to the problem I am having refitting my heater core. My 65 S2 does not appear to have any solid mounting brackets or screws for the heater box. I rebuilt the heater box last winter and am sure I fitted everything back as it was but when I came to mounting it in the car I had 2 dense foam blocks, that I believe the bottom edge of the matrix sat on and a T shaped bracket, that also mounts the bottom of the dash, holding the front up so it makes a tight seal to the air intake box. Am I missing something or does it just sit there with the front resting on the bracket.

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