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greg40green wrote:Evening Freddie
Thanks for the offer of the template which if you are happy to send I will gratefully reimburse the P+P and promise the safe return of the template .
I have an original S2 Elan dashboard which after studying photographs looks to have the same layout of toggle switches and dials so I would be hoping to transfer the correct dimensions of the dashboard equipment via the S2 dash to the the S1 dash cut out I take from your template.
I will PM my details to you .
Much appreciated

Fredtech wrote:Hi Greg. Not sure this helps at all. In the process of building a GTS car and we needed a S1 Dash for that. Friend of mine has an unfinished-blank that we used as a template for the outline, and then marked the cut-outs from a very old tatty dash we had. (That old one is long-gone)
The template is actually a suitable blank. Infact its probably better quality ply that we could source, however, it was not mine to ?Finish? so we just used it to make an outline copy. (Also note, in the other pictures, we have additional cut-outs for 1 additional gauge, oil-pressure warning light and the battery cut-out switch/lever, these are not standard on an S1 off course)

I?ve still got the Template, as in picture 2 and 3 below. If all else fails, might be a starting point Greg, and I?m sure he would be happy to loan it out.


Hi Greg,
AT some point I'll be looking to get a S2 dash made and would welcome making a template from an original. I may be in touch! If you wouldn't mind?
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PostPost by: greg40green » Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:09 am

No problem Graham as long as the item / items are returned .
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