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Mating S2 body to chassis

PostPost by: TurbineHeli » Sun Oct 08, 2017 2:29 pm

Hello everyone,

My body and chassis have been apart now for longer than I can remember....but now it's time to join them up again.
So with the 4 attach points on the chassis controlling position, it looks like all the other bolt locations will require multiple washers between body and chassis, more at some than others.

For those who have blazed this trail before me, does this sound typical?


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PostPost by: Foxie » Sun Oct 08, 2017 3:11 pm

Yes, it is almost certain you will have to pack the gaps, and they will not all be the same.

However I would recommend using approx 3" x 2" steel or aluminium shims rather than standard washers to spread the load. :)
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PostPost by: Billmack » Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:32 pm

I live in RI and just did the body drop on my car recently. Glad to help. PM me.
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PostPost by: Certified Lotus » Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:13 pm

I was careful to note where there were spacers in certain areas and put them back in place when rejoining the chassis to the body. If there is a gap, use spacers to fill, do not try to tighten down to fit. In some places the spacers where plates, in others round metal large washers.
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PostPost by: miked » Tue Oct 10, 2017 1:13 pm

Also bear in mind bonnet to cam cover clearance. I had to add a bit more shimming to ensure clearance. Mike

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PostPost by: bill308 » Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:34 pm

Hi Angier,

When I fitted my new 26R body to a new 26R chassis, I had to shim 4-locations, both front suspensions turrets (side to side location) and both steering rack platforms (front cowl height). I believe all other bolt locations should seat on the chassis.

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PostPost by: alan.barker » Wed Oct 11, 2017 4:20 pm

I like to shim first all of the locations except the lugs at the steering rack to ensure camcover clearance.
Then when they are all secured make shims for the steering rack lugs.
That way the steering rack lugs are not deformed or stress on front of bonnet.
Have fun
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PostPost by: TurbineHeli » Mon Oct 16, 2017 4:05 am

One of many ways to skin this cat...
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PostPost by: PeterG » Tue Oct 17, 2017 4:27 pm

Awesome way of lifting it... :)
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PostPost by: The Veg » Wed Oct 18, 2017 2:39 am

I like it!

Not enough room in my garage for that method, but I like it!
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