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Correct Screws for Speaker / Demister Grille on S1 Elan

PostPost by: CG901 » Thu May 11, 2017 9:02 pm

I am missing the screws that attach the Speaker / Demister Grille on my S1 Elan. In the workshop manual for the S1 / S2 Elans, it lists "BA125/BB30 - Screw - Demister grille to body - 6 B.A. x 1-1/2" (4 required). Would these have been black or unfinished? Also listed is same screw by 1-1/4" long. In addition a Nyloc type 'P' 6 BA nut, and black trim caps.

Does anybody have a photo of these parts? Is the 6 B, A, (0.11" diameter) correct?

My grille requires 6 screws. All the same length?

Thank you.
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PostPost by: elanfan1 » Fri May 12, 2017 9:26 am

Don't know much/anything about the early cars so forgive my ramblings.

Certainly on later cars and the wide GT40 type grille the screws were black to blend into the grille and I'm pretty sure there were just that screws of a self tapping variety. Surely if they were 6BA they'd have a screw thread and either have to bolt into a pre threaded hole or have a nut the otherside to work? Taking the position they are it would be just about impossible to do this. I reckon self tappers is the way to go but finding black flat headed screws might be difficult (I reckon flat head for early sixties??). As to length they sound about right probably just long enough to reach fibreglass without going deep enough to damage anything.

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