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Philips Turnolock FM 3 band radio

PostPosted: Fri May 28, 2021 9:10 am
by elanfan1
Thought I’d offer this here before putting this on eBay over the weekend. I’ll delete this ad when I list it.

This radio has been professionally serviced switches lubricated and dried out capacitors replaced. I have not got around to the cosmetic refurbishment so I’m offering it at a discounted rate. The chrome facia plate needs rechroming, the knobs need polishing and a rubber seal fitting to the outer. The push buttons pop out easily and they need rubbing down and be given a fresh coat of silver grey paint.

This radio has a DIN plug on the reverse so you can add a Jack lead to play your iPhone through it. This is also the rarer U.K. version having MW/LW and FM rather than U/K/SW

When Chrome London sell these admittedly with a 12 month guarantee they ask £595 for them. I’ve been getting £295 for them. You can buy this one for £210 - so a lot of opportunity to add value yourself! I can take to Combe for collection to save a chunk of postage.

CB82D2A0-8804-47E1-AE62-4AD13707A69D.jpeg and

PM me your phone no. and I’ll call you back.