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Elan/+2 Gearbox, Diff Output Shafts, Tailhousing

PostPost by: Gopherit » Thu Jul 16, 2020 10:38 am

As the rebuild of our +2 slowly advances I am begiining to accumulate parts no longer needed, as follows:
1. "2000E" Semi close ratio gearbox (2.97/2.01/1.397/1.0). Professionally rebuilt, report available to serious buyers, came out of aforementioned 1967 +2. Complete with Bellhousing, Tailshaft and gear shift lever. 15mm Input Shaft Nose, tapping for reverse switch. £650
2. Diff Output Shaft, early (25tonne) visually splines straight, see note below. £60
3. Diff Output Shaft, late (40tonne) visually splines straight, see note below. £110
4. 2000E Tailshaft Housing, bare. £45

All the parts were in the +2. The output shafts did road miles and several trackdays before we went to CV Shafts. The gearbox is only going because we are installing a CR box.
Located near Guildford, UK. Collection only for the gearbox and tailshaft housing.
2000E-Tailshaft-2.jpg and
2000E-Tailshaft-1.jpg and
Diff-outputshaft-HD.jpg and
Diff-outputshaft-Std.jpg and
2000E-SC-Gearbox-2.jpg and
2000E-SC-Gearbox-1.jpg and
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