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1970 Elan S4 dash by Prestige Autowood

PostPost by: Chapman79 » Sun Jul 12, 2020 3:17 am

20200711_224007.jpg and
I have an 1970 Elan S4 dash made by Prestige Autowood in the original walnut veneer, and since I no longer own the Elan, I would like to sell it. As can be seen in the attached pictures, I had the dash made with block outs for the ash tray and radio. These can easily be removed if desired. I have spent over $750.00 USD on this piece and would like to sell it for $450.00. Prestige Autowoods work is impeccable, this is a much nicer piece than the dashes that came with Elans!
20200711_224107.jpg and
20200711_224036.jpg and
20200711_224031.jpg and
20200711_224023.jpg and
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PostPost by: m750rider » Sun Jul 12, 2020 10:42 am

These dashboards made by Randy at Prestige Autowood are a perfect fit and look fantastic. This is a great deal for anyone needing to replace their delaminated original. You won’t be sorry.

Good luck with the sale
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PostPost by: USA64 » Sun Jul 12, 2020 12:03 pm

Timing is everything, I got mine, almost the same, not long ago. Price as you say, workmanship excellent, built to last. I think he is retiring soon if not already so this could be the last chance.
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PostPost by: Bits » Sun Jul 12, 2020 12:40 pm

You can reduce the size of the picture files.
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PostPost by: jabingb » Sun Jul 12, 2020 4:28 pm

I concur regarding Randy's craftmanship, superb! I have two of his, S2 and S4. If you ever have a chance to visit his shop, I recommend it, a collector of memorabilia as well as the dash products.
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PostPost by: 1owner69Elan » Sun Jul 12, 2020 6:25 pm


Superb dashes by Randy Keller (Prestige)
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