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Damaged (badly) cam cover and front cover

PostPosted: Mon Dec 16, 2019 2:18 pm
by jono
These parts might suit a TIG welding enthusiast :lol:

...or use as wall hangers or to 'cut and shut' repair other parts?

A friend of mine made a start on the front cover and made good progress but got pulled off the job by his boss! It is what it is - potentially recoverable by a skilled welder and machinist but not to be under estimated. Ditto back plate, it should starighten but there are two hairline cracks where it's bent which would need to be welded.

The cam cover - mmm, wall decoration me thinks :D

Real shame as all parts were excellent before the prang

?50 the lot?

Re: Damaged (badly) cam cover and front cover

PostPosted: Thu Dec 19, 2019 9:44 am
by jono
...I've had an offer on the cam cover so ?30 for the front cover and backplate + P&P if anyone is interested?