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a few more from the Spring Cleaning

PostPost by: Mike Ostrov » Thu Apr 18, 2019 5:07 pm

First, thanks for all the inquires. The KONI shocks have been sold. The list follows:

1. S1/2 door "C" striker plates
2. S1/2 floor mounted dip switch
3.. pair rear brake calipers -bare, no handbrake bits
4. rear deck slotted chrome tabs for tonneau/top
5. front oval wire mesh grille
6. S4 re chromed outside door handle (no inside parts)
7. one (1) left side LH thread pin drive KO rear hub
8. S4 chrome body/door striker plates

Off to box up the KONI's, then some double deck Pinochle. Probably lose, again, to the Lady Sharks, but they do bring some delightful lunch time treats for all.

Cheers. Mike, still at: 510-232-7764 since 1960 and [email protected] since l995. Difficult to change at this (75) advanced age!
[email protected] or (5l0) 232-7764
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