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Twincam 1,700cc Engine

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1,700CC Twincam Engine for Sale:
Fast Road engine, disassembled in 1988 from an Elan

Block: 711M, steel main caps, 3.297? bore, cut down block deck, cleaned and
Magnafluxed. 1,700 cc using the long stroke crossflow crank and rods.
May need liners for reboring to match new pistons.

Spare Block: 711M, Crossflow block, not cleaned or magnafluxed. Missing one
maincap. 3.188? bore.

Crossflow steel crankshaft. 3.06? stroke, 6 bolt flywheel, lipseal. Standard sized
journals on rods (1.9373?) & mains (2.1257?)

Twincam Weber cylinder head. 1.53? intake, 1.32? exhaust. Complete with
reworked cams, all valves, springs, keepers, tappet buckets. 4.625? thickness.

Connecting Rods, 125E. these are shorter than needed for 1,700cc (as far as I recall)
Rods for 1,700cc will need to be 4.928?, these are 4.80?.

Remainder of parts disassembled with engine: Hepolite pistons, stock flywheel, front timing cover and gears, oil pump, oil pan, tubular header, bolts & mls hardware.

$6,000 for ALL.

If you want to build a standard Twincam (1,558cc), I can delete the two 711M blocks and crossflow crankshaft and substitute one 120E block and a twincam steel crankshaft (6 bolt, lipseal 2.864? stroke) standard journals too, but needs polishing, for the same money. Your choice. All will need to be sold.

Engine in Central Florida. Can deliver to LOG 38 in Aurora, Ohio with a deposit.
PM me for more info.
Mike k
img_2909.jpg and
Block & steel maincaps
img_2910.jpg and
Front cover, oil pan, VC
img_2908.jpg and
Head & boxed parts
dscn1316.jpg and
Valve cover
dscn1301.jpg and
combustion chamber 1 of 4
dscn1007.jpg and
Standard stroke TC steel crank
dscn2570.jpg and
Standard stroke TC steel crank
dscn1306.jpg and
TC Head
dscn1305.jpg and
TC Head
dscn1307.jpg and
TC Head
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