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Rear upright, calliper and handbrake for sale. LHS

PostPost by: petersracing » Sun Jun 10, 2018 1:24 am

Clearing our my fathers shed of saved treasures for him as he needs the funds for a move to more suitable accommodation.
I am selling a low mileage australian delivered LHS rear upright assembly. I took this off a crashed plus 2 with him in 1974 and it has been stored ever since. It has the lightest of surface rust/dust, I just cracked the brake calliper bolts and they spin out by hand. The black and red paint (including the big run) is Lotus original and the calliper bleed screw still has the rubber cap on it (hard as nails) The handbrake pivots show no wear at all so clearly this had done a very low mileage. It's in Adelaide, Australia so freight will be an issue but if you want an original one here it is. Ive brushed some dust off but not tried to clean it. There is effectively zero corrosion on the alloy. I would bet the damper still works(not that anyone would use it)

500 AUS dollars (about 280 pounds)

Can strip for freight (maybe you don't want the damper) but at the moment it is all as installed at the factory.

Noticed the adjusting nut on the Handbrake is missing, Dad must have used it on his car.
More available photos on request.

img_2159.jpg and

img_2160.jpg and

img_2170.jpg and

img_2160.jpg and

img_2168.jpg and
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