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Lotus Dealer Signs - Two regular one Neon - SOLD

PostPost by: daholmes1967 » Sat Jun 24, 2017 8:12 pm

******ALL THREE SOLD*******

Hi All

The Plus 2 is on its way back to Paul Matty as we speak, after over 10 years of solid enjoyment :)
So everything else has to go, here are the Dealer Signs I have for sale (see pictures). I believe they were originally from a dealer in Toronto

Long Sign - 87" long by 20 1/2" high - $475 Canadian

Some damage in one corner but I covered that up with some beading, sits in a 2" x 4" frame right now which was ready for some back lighting but never got around to it.....looks like it came from the factory, has a very professional look to it

Square Sign - 49" x 49" - $375 Canadian

Round Neon - 27" high 27" wide - $950 Canadian

Has a little damage to the perspex cover, removed for the pictures, works perfectly 110v

Items are located in Woodstock, Ontario Canada but I will post at cost.

Open to offers.

20150127_190101.jpg and
Neon sign - Illuminated
20150127_190035.jpg and
Neon Sign - off
img_2204.jpg and
Square Sign
img_2206-1.jpg and
Long sign
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