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Stromberg engine for sale

PostPost by: bengalcharlie » Mon Jun 05, 2017 3:37 am

I bought the engine several years ago with the intention to build up another plus 2 but plans have changed so engine has to go.
The head was removed when I got it and I stripped the engine further, and discovered all to be in good nick except cylinder number 2, which has too much play so it needs a re-bore ( standard bore at present) I was told by an engine machinist that it needs a 2nd stage re-bore. crank is all good. head looks good too.
Block looks good with no visible corrosion. I have labelled all the parts and bearing shells for your inspection
no flywheel because engine is ex Europa. must be a late one, has the black big valve ribbed cam cover.
Happy to assist with any inquiries you may have.
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