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S4 Sprint / Some +2 Steering wheel boss

PostPost by: memnon » Thu Dec 01, 2016 2:18 pm

I have been asked recently by a couple of people if I have any of the top bosses left.

I don't, but last time I checked Susan Miller had a couple of my first batch left. But if they have gone then I can do another run if there is demand - Small run parts are precision machined (not cast) and black anodised as my base spec.

They are likely to cost around ?100 each (inc delivery)

I typically need 5 orders to cover my costs.

PM me and I'll add you to a list, and let you know once (if) I have enough interest to proceed.

If there is still demand, now that the important facts are know then I will post again with a notice that they are available.
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