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More discovered parts- and some I've already advertised

PostPosted: Wed Aug 24, 2016 9:23 am
by worzel

I've unearthed two items- a pair of indicator wing repeater lenses plus an original type steering column joint

The lenses- I'm told on good authority that these are sparto. If somebody can confirm how to identify them more precisely please let me know. I'll put some pictures on later which should help. They're not perfect- minor hairline cracks (not serious). No fading of the colour fortunately. Definitely usable.

The steering column joint is the one located adjacent to the rack (not the one in the cabin- the impact clamp).
dirty but rubbers are intact and I can't see any cracks in the rubbers. Supposed to be off a car with limited miles.

Reasonable offers .

Located Liverpool.

Contact number is 0151 480 8400 or use the forum.