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New full race engine components Cylinder head,crank block et

PostPost by: bigvalvehead » Sat Aug 20, 2016 8:27 am

Hi All
I am having a clearout of some of my projects and thought I would give you the heads up before advertising on ebay.

Full race George Wadsworth, Racing Fabrications, prepared head. Unused complete with new valves, springs, guides and titanium valve spring retainers all caps and studs present.. ?2750

Brand new, N/J steel crank, BDG length steel rods, JE forged pistons. ?1900

701M block at +20 so will bore for the above pistons. complete with front cover with tooth belt water pump drive and chronometric tacho drive.also rear oil seal and short steel jackshaft. ?1000

Sump, front bowl twincam sump ?275

Dave Hughes
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Dave Hughes
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