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+2 bits For Sale

PostPost by: Thornts » Mon Aug 15, 2016 1:57 pm

Hi All
I have a few leftover bits from a long gone +2. Rather they went to Forum guys and it might save me eBay hassle:

A good boot lid with virtually all the paint off down to the gel coat.
Pair of front shocks and springs - look tatty but who knows...
Front anti-roll bar including drop links
A 'behind the rear seats brace' - the rectangular bit of sheet metal that goes between the strut towers
Pair of Rotoflex style drive shafts
Diff torque reaction rods (think that's what they are called)
B post air vent covers
Couple of chrome thingies. No idea what they are or where they go - picture attached (maybe)

Generally scruffy to 'not bad' condition. Lots of pictures but probably easier for me to send to interested parties rather than post here. Happy to describe in detail to anyone interested.

I'm in Newark, Nottinghamshire but am out and about a bit so might be able to help out with delivery and glad to courier stuff. PM me with any interest and sure we will hammer out a fair price.

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PostPost by: KevJ+2 » Mon Aug 15, 2016 2:04 pm

Chrome thingies are from front of door window frame where it meets the door - quite sought after I would have thought :?:
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