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Lotus 5 speed box + bits

PostPost by: PBK » Sun Jun 26, 2016 10:24 am

Vince, not sure if my reply to your PM got through - can you PM with your price?

Thanks Peter
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PostPost by: Ang10l » Sat Jul 02, 2016 10:40 pm


Fifth gear is not with the main cluster. It is outside the main case below the gear lever.

Bearings and gears are very difficult to get a hold of and the ones out there are not in the best condition.
The main gear to check is fourth (the smallest gear nearest the input shaft). All the drive except 4th goes through this gear brown into the lay shaft. You are looking to see if the surface has worn off. It will ok but if you take a small screw driver and rub it on the surface you don't want to find a ridge towards the centre.
Don't be fooled into buying an Elite box without checking it out first . Most of the ones I have seen have been scrap.

The five speed is not the nicest box compared to the four speed. I have fully rebuilt the five speed I have in my Sprint (all new gears and bearings). It also has the mods recommended by a Swedish chap which tightens up the change.. but, for gear changing, give me a four speed. The revs with a 3.55 diff are like a modern petrol car. 80 = 3000rpm.

I have just rebuilt a second box destined for an S2? Possibly???? It will depend on whither I am going to tour in it or not.
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