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PostPost by: worzel » Thu May 26, 2016 7:47 pm

Hi- yet again!

Some more items that might be of interest to elan owners.

Custom made bottom hose- made from stainless tubing welded to copy the contours of the original convoluted rubber one but- universal in the sense that to attach to the stub on the engine and to the one on the rad you just use two short lengths of silicon hose- cut to whatever length applies.

A handy item to have even if only in the boot as an emergency repair. ?12

If anyone is interested I'll put a picture on tomorrow to clarify matters.

Also excellent micrometer (metric) if you're into messing with shims- ?10

Plus- maybe even more odd- an item I had made when the drain hose from the head to block ruptured. Made from stainless steel you screw it up fully to fit it between the two components, either using an "O" ring each end to secure a seal or silicon sealant or universal gasketing, unscrew it to expand the length then lock it up in the extended form. Needs to be finished which basically involves unscrewing the two halves then cutting off the section with two flats in it (for a spanner) to make the locking nut then putting the thing back together ( like a 2 piece jigsaw so not too difficult).

Cutting could be done at home or a machine shop could probably do it cheaply as a one-off. ?10 and it's yours. Saves a lot of swearing if you were about to fit the std rubber hose with the head in place.

I'll post a picture if anybody is sufficiently curious to enquire.


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